1 on 1 Private & Group Training

1 on 1 private and group training is available to students that would like personal coaching to better themselves away from a group setting. 

1 on 1 coaching excels students learning by 40% as opposed to learning in a course or group setting.

1 on 1 Private Training

Learn everything from the ground up for pistol, rifle and long range shooting to include:

-draw from the holster

-sight alignment/sight picture

-follow through

-speed/tactical reloads

-Rifle to Pistol Transitions

-Clearing Malfunctions and Stoppages

-Firearm Maintenance

-Multiple Target Engagement


Private Training is available hourly as well as private courses. Please contact for more info!



1 on 1 private training's that evaluate a shooters weaknesses and train them to become more proficient in all areas and aspects of shooting